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As the country is still fighting with the rampant spread of Covid-19 virus, proper monitoring and strict quarantine of the PUI/PUMs is a must. DOH and the public should have a tool that will allow them the viewing of the areas with PUI/PUM to keep the proper distancing, and apprehend the under quarantine person that breaks the rules of self isolation

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One Country 100

Is created to aid DOH monitor Quarantined Covid-19 PUI/PUMs of their movements as well as to alert the general public in keeping the distance off the PUI/PUMs. The tool will be comprised of Mobile app for PUI/PUMs and the ordinary citizen and a web application for the Command Center of DOH. The mobile app functions as the GPS tracker for the PUI/PUMs while for others, it functions as the alert and visual tool for the places with PUI/PUMs. Once a person is identified by the DOH as PUI/PUM, the GPS tracker will be activated and the place of quarantine is pinned for the person. Monitoring is done in the Command Center through a realtime map of all the PUI/PUMs. If a movement is detected beyond the allowable distance, a ticket is automatically created and DOH can send warnings/apprehensions to the violating PUI/PUM.

1C100 Mobile App

  • Keep your 100 meters distance off with Persons    under Investigation and Monitoring (PUI/PUM)
  • View all the PUI/PUM in the Covid Tracking Map
  • Get Alerts whenever a PUI/PUM is within the 100m  proximity of your location
  • Report Incidents related to Covid19 Emergency Alert

1C100 Tracking App

  • Track the PUI/PUMs while on quarantine period by the authorities Track the PUI/PUMs while on quarantine period by the authorities
  • Auto alert on authorities when a violation of quarantine is made

DOH Command Center

  • Realtime tracking of the PUI/PUMs 
  • Consolidated view of the all COVID19 incidents and statistics
  • Post Announcements and FAQs

Case Contact Tracing with Cluster Filtering Visualization

  • Get a full view of different clusters of the cases in the country
  • Filter the clusters with the available selections

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Meric Mara

Rosa Tsang

Francis Al Victoriano

Lakan Bautista

Jonelle H. CastaƱeda

Edmar Diaz

Eskie Cirrus James D. Maquilang

Lakan Bautista

Nathan John Villar

Robert Soriano

Ritche Van Cuademo Angeles

Jan Paul almanoche

Anthony Yolach S. Lloveras

Joel S. Sumadic

Jan Andrew Stephen L. CordaƱo

Ramel Cabug-os

Mark Sablan

Clint Hassan

Ace Maquilang

Anthony Yolach Solana Lloveras

Enrico Dominic Caspillo Resaba

Orly Campo

Sophia Mara

RN Santos

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